Strike-a-Fire Firestarter

Diamond® Strike-A-Fire firestarter strikes like a match and burns for up to 12 minutes like a fire starter. Works like a giant match both indoors & outdoors.The strike strip is included right on the box for convenient lighting of wood and charcoal.

  • Fire starter that strikes like a match
  • Lights charcoal & wood quickly and easily
  • Convenient, mess-free grilling with no fluids or lighters needed
  • Reliable burn for 12 minutes

SKU: #534-376-872

Start your fire quickly & easily with no need for kindling or lighter fluids.

Type Firestarters
Size Available in 8 count and 48 count

PROP 65 WARNING: Combustion of this manufactured product results in the emissions of carbon monoxide, soot and other combustion by-products which are known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.