Diamond® L’Elegance Toothpicks

Diamond® L’Elegance Toothpicks are designer toothpicks complete with decorative notches that make picking them up easy and fast.  

  • VERSATILE & STURDY: These solid wood multipurpose toothpicks are sturdy enough for teeth cleaning and long enough to use as skewers for appetizers, fruits, sandwiches, cheeses, and other finger foods.
  • APPEALING SIMPLICITY: These wooden toothpicks are all-natural, biodegradable & compostable. They’re ideal for everyday use or for perfecting an appetizer spread, featuring an elegant carved detail.
  • CLEAN & GREEN: Each toothpick was created with durable, sturdy wood. Nearly all the materials in our products are made from renewable resources so you can be sure that your choice is a clean one.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: These toothpicks come in a 100% recyclable tube that makes them easy and safe to store and transport so they’re there whenever you need them.
  • TOOTHPICKS FOR EVERY OCCASION: From flat to frilled, swords, forks, parasols, and more, serving in style is always easy with our wide collection of whimsical and functional toothpicks for any occasion.

SKU: #535-376-886

Diamond L’Elegance Toothpicks are made from natural wood and are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Type Toothpicks
Size Available in 250-count